Health Care Career Education

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Health Care Career Education
Are you one of those enthusiasts of TV shows like “Scrubs”, “ER”, and “Grey’s Anatomy” and live explicitly through on-screen nurses, doctors, and hospital techs? Then you should think about real life health care careers. For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. Take that science-field ambition off the divan, out of primetime, and into the classroom of Health Care career education.
Health Care career education is one of the top chosen career educational fields nowadays with the vast growing demand for more health care assistants and health care workers in the medical field. Most health care workers are rewarded both financially and emotionally. As a matter of fact, a number of hospitals offer experienced nurses up to $14,000 of signing bonuses alone aside from their wages. And statistics show that by the year 2012, about four-hundred thousand nursing positions will be available to come.
Registered nurses are probably the largest health care occupation which held about 2.1 million jobs in 1998 alone and employment is expected to grow faster than average occupations because the occupation is large and many new jobs result from it. There will always be a demand for traditional hospital nurses but many new nurses will be employed in long-term, home health, and ambulatory care.
Medical Assistant is another health care career education that can be gratifying for those interested in health care careers. Medical assistants line of work is more on spending time with patients, but also capable of carrying out important office-type tasks. Flexibility is very important as change is constant in this field of work, they have to be comfortable with doing different things every day, and they should get along with people easily.
One more health care career education that is also rewarding is Surgical Technologist, which involves being comfortable around blood and watching people being operated on. If you watch Discovery channel’s documentaries on operations without covering your face with your hands, then you’ll do well in this field. A Surgical technologist is relaxed in intense situations, works well with their hands, and a keen interest in the human body.
On the other hand, if nursing or medical assistant or surgical technologist is not your field then there are a lot of health care career educations that focus on laboratory technology that leads to rewarding health care careers as well. Radiological technologists and technicians for one earned an average income of $43, 410 in the year 2003. Nuclear medicine and X-Ray programs will prepare you to earn even higher wages than that.
Other health care career education which also offer great opportunities for rewarding occupations and with duties related to those of registered nurses are emergency, medical technicians, occupational therapists, physician assistants, physical therapists, and respiratory therapists.